Thursday, March 12, 2020

Price BEAT Guarantee

The Furniture Store does not MATCH PRICES - we BEAT THEM! Guaranteed lowest pricing!

       Our Guarantee

   There is no better way than to shop family-owned. There is no heartless corporate, no pushy salespeople, just the best prices from the best around. We know that shopping local isn't always wallet-friendly, but we want to fix that. 

   At The Furniture Store, we want you to buy with confidence. Don’t waste your time driving to 10 different stores, worrying about getting the best price. We guarantee the best price TODAY and will honor that commitment for up to 30 days after your purchase. How could we possibly back that up? That's our COMMITMENT to our customers! 

   We guarantee to beat any offer, from any authorized retailer who provides local service, on that same model or package, and falls under the same terms and conditions. If you do find a legitimate better offer, we will beat that price every time. (same terms and conditions include any applicable fees associated with the purchase- taxes, delivery charges, financial savings, restocking charges, etc)


       Buyer Beware

   We have found several websites you might see, that this guarantee might not apply to these sketchy online “businesses. Meaning, these websites offer seemingly great deals, but behind those deals are scams.
  Those stores offer warranties, with no way to service their customers. Fine prints that read “Products shipped may not be the same color or style of purchased product” MASSIVE re-stocking fees, products sold out of someone’s garage, and no guarantee that the product will not come in broke or destroyed. On top of that, the low price you see is almost NEVER your final price. Simply check out their return policy, and it will tell you everything you need to know.

   Our products are always brand new and always warrantied (unless we told you otherwise at purchase). These online websites have no obligation to honor anything. They sell junk and lie until they get enough complaints, then shut down, open up with a new name then do it all again.
Quick Disclaimer
We try our very best to ensure that our prices are accurate and up to date. In the case of major, obvious pricing mistakes, they may not be honored.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Find a better price? Maybe not.....

Find a cheaper price? Find out why that might not be true!

We want to be the best, plain and simple. These online websites that offer "free" shipping or seemingly lower prices drive us CRAZY!!!


The plain and simple truth is; their shipping is not free, and their prices are not lower than ours.

Website Snip
For example, look at this popular home store, their recliner, sold for $349, looks great until you try and purchase it. There, they hit you with the tiny green text that says "Arrives by premium home delivery".

That tiny green text means there is a +$150 dollar delivery charge added on to that $349.

"But what if I pick it up from them!!??" I hear you screaming at your screen. The closest location to pick up, is Arcadia Wisconsin (from this company) Going to the home store won't help, because they won't let you pick it up there, and they have no obligation to honor any online price, it says it in the "Price match" section of the site.

Those other sites that also say free delivery? Go ahead and give them a call, we did!

- "Hello, this is Abc from XYZ Furniture"
Me - "Yeah, I want to order this sofa, the delivery is free right? I'm in Piqua Ohio"
- "Unfortunately, you are JUST outside our delivery area. Delivery and setup are $345 plus tax."

Not to mention, if you don't like the product you get (from online shopping) yes you can return it, but there is always a restocking fee (average is 15%) plus no refund on the delivery fee. With us, you can return it to our store for free, with no added fees, just in-store credit.

Not such a great price anymore eh?

Well here at the Furniture Store, we say no more. The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden fees, no gimmicks. Shopping local is the heart of any community. We want you to shop locally, without having to pay more to do it. All we ask is that you check with us before you make a purchase, give us a shot to save you some money and frustration!